Be the smart golfer that you are and get professionally fitted!

Marty is a master club fitter and conducts personalised one on one fitting sessions to ensure the best possible outcome.

These sessions include the use of specialised technology such as:

Club Inspections and Assessments

 Swing Weighting and MOI matching

FlightScope Launch Monitor

Golf Club Video Analysis Software

Comprehensive golf club testing equipment

Shaft Profiling


Play the golf of your dreams with custom made golf clubs following your custom fitting!

As you may have herd, industry statistics are disappointing: 62% of golfers report that they have been “custom fit” yet statistics report 92% of all golfers are still playing with ill-fitting clubs.  

Just about every golfer knows that they should be playing Custom Fit and Master Built clubs if they want to improve and play their best.  The challenge is finding a qualified Professional Master Club Fitter that is highly skilled, experienced and who won’t break the bank.

To learn more about KZG and the benefits of custom made clubs click on the link bellow.


There are many reasons why your clubs may need to be repaired. After a period of use your clubs need to be inspected in order to be maintained. You should have your clubs checked regularly by your local Golf Professional to ensure that your clubs are performing at their best. For example, if you play golf three times a week and spend time practicing as well you would probably need to have your grips changed every 12 months. The condition of your grips is vital for your golfing performance as old grips can produce tension in your hands and arms which in turn will change the way you swing the club.

The services Marty provides for club repairs and maintenance include:

Club Inspections and Assessments



Club Adjustments (Loft and Lie)

Putter Adjustments

Lengthening and Shortening

Club Head Repairs

Club Cleaning

Sole Grinding and Shaping

To find out more or to book your next appointment for club fitting or repairs contact Marty on

Mobile: 0405 513 233